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CVR640 Video Recorder

The Compact Video Recorder CVR640 is a compact and lightweight, portable electronic unit designed to..


Laserluchs 5000 IR Torch Sale

Laserluchs 5000 IR Torch

The Laserluchs 5000 IR infrared illuminator kit is the ultimate high power IR illuminator for modern..

£219.95 £199.95

Laserluchs Torch Ball Mount

This weaver/picatinny variant of the Laserluchs Ball Head Mount is specially designed to be fitted t..


Pulsar 1.7x Lens Converter Doubler

The 1.7x Lens Converter will increase magnification to 3.5x on the Sentinel GS 2x50 or 5.1x magnific..


Pulsar DNV Battery Pack

The new Pulsar DNV battery pack (x2) offers a more reliable way to power quantum thermal imaging mon..


Pulsar EPS3i Battery Pack Sale

Pulsar EPS3i Battery Pack

The EPS3i Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery Pack is designed to power Pulsar and Yukon digital de..

£79.99 £74.99

Pulsar Neck Strap

The Pulsar neck strap is designed to be fixed to the devices which are equipped with ¼ inch tripod s..


Pulsar Tripod Adaptor

Enables Recon models with Pulsar IR Flashlights fitted to be mounted on a tripod for prolonged stati..


Pulsar X850 IR Torch

The latest and most powerful IR illuminator in the Pulsar line, the X850.Designed to provide additio..


Tracer Ledray F900 70mm Lens Head

Increase the beam throw and intensity of the Tracer Ledray F900 torch by fitting a 70mm lens, comes ..


Tracer Ledray F900 Multi LED Kit

Quickly interchangeable white, red, green and IR LED's. The F900 lights have been developed to provi..


Tracer Sport Suction Light Roof Bar New

Tracer Sport Suction Light Roof Bar

Attach a lamp, night vision or thermal using a handle and suitable studs.No need to cut holes in you..


Yukon Advanced Optics 3x42 Lens

Optional 3x42 Lens for the NVMT Spartan series that offers 3.0x image magnification. Not compatible ..