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Arriving in 8 Days Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30V

Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30V Thermal

The Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30V builds on the success of the previous HD/XD Quantum models but comes with extra features. The all new Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30V thermal imagers are now fitted with the latest generation ULIS 17µ a-Si thermal sensor, which delivers 35% higher performance, giving more detail and magnification and an ultra-fast start-up time.

Includes FREE Pulsar neck strap.

The Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30V retains all of the great features of the XD version, but with the following additions:

Pulsar Lite XQ30V Features

  • 2.5x-10x digital zoom
  • 900m detection range
  • 50Hz refresh rate
  • Superior quality Germanium lens with internal focusing
  • Colour Palette
  • Eye Display Shutoff
  • Convenient controls - The controls are accessible, user-friendly and comprised of three buttons: The on/off button, the calibration button and the digital zoom activation/colour inversion (hot white and hot black) button.
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Self contained power supply

The new Quantum Lite XQ30V offers a 900m detection range, an advanced high resolution (384x288) microbolometer sensor with 17 pitch sensor, high grade Germanium lens and frost proof OLED display that ensures a high quality image across the field of view, with no edge distortion or tunnel effect providing a detailed image and long detection range. 

The Pulsar Lite XQ30V thermal monocular has three calibration modes: silent manual (“M”), automatic (“A”) and semi-automatic (“H”). Manual calibration mode (“M”) is recommended for hunting due to its silent operation.  All Quantum Lite series thermal imaging monoculars have class leading start-up times of five seconds or less and feature analog video output to enable connection of external recording equipment or transmitting image to the display. 

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Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30V Thermal

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