Hikmicro is a leading provider of thermal imaging and night vision products. They produce cutting edge technology, for the use in fieldsports

New models like the Hik Alpex 4K LRF and Hik Habrok HQ35L thermal binocular device are some of the companies most recent product developments.

Hikmicro Thermal Imaging and Night Vision

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HikMicro Condor CQ50L LRF Thermal

£2,449.95 £2,041.63 ex.vat

HIK Stellar SH35 Thermal Scope

£2,099.99 £1,749.99 ex.vat

HIK Stellar SH50 Thermal Scope

£1,999.95 £1,666.63 ex.vat

HikMicro Condor CQ35L LRF Thermal

£1,899.95 £1,583.29 ex.vat

Hik Falcon FQ25 Thermal Monocular

£1,699.95 £1,416.63 ex.vat

Hik Falcon FH35 Thermal Monocular

£1,499.95 £1,249.96 ex.vat

Hik Cheetah C32F-RL Front Mounted Night Vision

£1,034.95 £862.46 ex.vat

Hik Lynx Pro 19mm Thermal

£999.95 £833.29 ex.vat

Hik Lynx Pro 15mm Thermal

£799.95 £666.63 ex.vat

Hik Lynx Pro 10mm Thermal

£579.95 £483.29 ex.vat