Night Vision

Night Vision

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1080P Black Night Vision - NV007

The 1080P Pard NV007 Night Vision Unit - sets a new benchmark amongst other rear NV add on's, with 1080P colour for daytime use and 1080P night t..

Ex Tax: £333.33

CVR640 Video Recorder

The Compact Video Recorder CVR640 is a compact and lightweight, portable electronic unit designed to record the image produced by Digital Night Vision..

Ex Tax: £99.99
Laserluchs 5000 IR Torch Sale

Laserluchs 5000 IR Torch

The Laserluchs 5000 IR infrared illuminator kit is the ultimate high power IR illuminator for modern night vision.Compact and efficient, the new Laser..

£220.00 £179.99
Ex Tax: £149.99

Laserluchs Torch Ball Mount

This weaver/picatinny variant of the Laserluchs Ball Head Mount is specially designed to be fitted to night vision or scope devices.The Ball Head Moun..

Ex Tax: £40.83
Long 45mm Mount NV007 New

Long 45mm Mount NV007

This is a long scope ring mount and fits rifle eye piece's upto 45mm diameter.This allows you to fit the ring to additional rifle scopes then swap you..

Ex Tax: £16.66
Long 48mm Mount NV007 New

Long 48mm Mount NV007

This is a long scope ring mount and fits rifle eye piece's upto 48mm diameter. Suitable for scopes with larger eyebells or large knurled magnification..

Ex Tax: £16.66
Pulsar 1.7x Lens Converter Doubler Awaiting Stock

Pulsar 1.7x Lens Converter Doubler

The 1.7x Lens Converter will increase magnification to 3.5x on the Sentinel GS 2x50 or 5.1x magnification on the Sentinel G2+/Phantom 3x50 weapon scop..

Ex Tax: £94.95

Pulsar Argus LRF G2+ 4x60 Rifle Scope

The Argus is a Generation 2+ Weapon Scope and is the world’s first analogue device to feature an integrated Laser Rangefinder with electronic reticle...

Ex Tax: £1,583.33

Pulsar Digiforce 860VS

The Pulsar Digiforce 860VS is a compact and light weight Digital Night Vision Monocular. Offering great performance, the unit is resistant to bright l..

Ex Tax: £208.33
Pulsar Digisight Ultra N250 BACK IN STOCK 17TH-19TH OCT

Pulsar Digisight Ultra N250

The Digisight Ultra N250 offers 5x optical to 40x digital magnification, with full colour HD imaging during daylight, switching to night vision once d..

Ex Tax: £816.66

Pulsar Digisight Ultra N355

Super-sensitive NV riflescopeThe Digisight Ultra 355 features a highly-sensitive ½” CCD sensor with 752x582 pixel resolution. The large sensor capture..

Ex Tax: £1,124.96

Pulsar Dovetail Mount

A  mount for fitting the following products to a rifle with a dovetail mount. Pulsar Digisight, Trail and Apex rifle scopes...

Ex Tax: £37.46

Pulsar Edge GS 1x20 NVG Night Vision Goggles

At the heart of the GS 1x20 goggles is a unique combination of specially designed R-contact optics and Gen Super/CF-Super image intensifier tubes whic..

Ex Tax: £474.96

Pulsar Edge GS 2.7x50 L

The Edge range of Gen Super/CF-Super binoculars features a unique combination of specially designed R-contact optics and Gen Super/CFSuper image inten..

Ex Tax: £491.63

Pulsar EPS3i Battery Pack

The EPS3i Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery Pack is designed to power Pulsar and Yukon digital devices and thermal imagers. The Battery Packs can b..

Ex Tax: £66.66

Pulsar Neck Strap

The Pulsar neck strap is designed to be fixed to the devices which are equipped with ¼ inch tripod socket. It can be used with thermal imagers Quantum..

Ex Tax: £8.29