Battery and Chargers

Battery and Chargers

Night Vision and Thermal Battery and Charger Options.

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iRAY Rico Battery Pack Sale ESTIMATED OCT 2020

iRAY Rico Battery Pack

Single - Replaceable Battery PackThe Rico series support a 3.7 V, 3820 mAh large  capacity battery pack that operates for 6 hours. With  the..

£84.95 £69.98
Ex Tax: £58.32

Pulsar APS-V Battery Charger Dock

Pulsar APS-V charger dock suitable for charging APS2 , APS3 and APS5 battery cells used in the Axion, Proton, Digex and Thermion units.APS-V charger s..

Ex Tax: £24.99

Pulsar APS2 Battery Pack

Miniature power elements used in Thermion models provide sufficient operation time and can be quickly replaced. B-Pack mini batteries can be quickly c..

Ex Tax: £29.16

Pulsar APS3 Battery Pack

Pulsar APS3 battery packs extend the power life of Axion units and allows quick replacement in the field. So you can utilise the unit for prolonged pe..

Ex Tax: £33.29

Pulsar APS5 Battery Pack

An interchangeable standard power supply for Axion XQ units. Grants upto 6 hours operating time.ONLY SUITABLE FOR AXION XQ38 AND AXION XQ38 LRF MODELS..

Ex Tax: £33.32

Pulsar DNV Battery Pack - Kit

The new Pulsar DNV battery pack (x2) offers a more reliable way to power quantum thermal imaging monocular's, powered by nickel metal hydride cells an..

Ex Tax: £58.33
Pulsar IPS14 Battery Pack Sale SOLD OUT

Pulsar IPS14 Battery Pack

The Pulsar IPS14 battery pack provides upto 16-20 hours operation of your Pulsar Helion or Trail thermal unit.An interchangeable standard power s..

£104.99 £94.99
Ex Tax: £79.16
Pulsar IPS7 Battery Pack Awaiting Stock

Pulsar IPS7 Battery Pack

The Pulsar IPS 7 battery pack provides upto 13 hours operation of your Pulsar Helion or Trail thermal unit.An interchangeable standard ..

Ex Tax: £68.32

Yukon DNV Battery Pack

The Yukon DNV Battery Pack has been designed to prolong self-contained operation of digital devices and is compatible with the Photon RT and Sightline..

Ex Tax: £33.29