PART EX - Information

Do you have a used thermal or night vision device ?

Fancy an upgrade?

Complete the part exchange request form and we will provide you with a price for your item towards the price of a new model.

If you have an nightvision or thermal device in reasonable condition that you would like to put towards an upgrade, we can offset it against a brand-new product, please fill in the part exchange form, accurately describing your item so we can give you an honest estimate.

The more detail you provide on the condition of the item, the more accurate the offer. Your unit must be sent in a clean state and will be tested when received against quoted information.

Questions and Answers

What condition does my device need to be in ?

Your exchange product should be a fully working condition, normal usage marks and wear and tear are not an issue, although they will be taken into account against the price quoted for exchange.

Does warranty affect the price ?

Yes depending on if the product still has remaining warranty this will affect the part exchange price. If the product has no warranty then this will reflect against the offered part exchange price, obviously a product with 1 or 2 years warranty would have a higher value than a product with none.

Would I be better selling private ?

If you decide to sell your product private you would normally gain more money back for your product, but you do have the hassle of dealing with buyers and receiving your money safely on occasion.

Also depending on your model brand, some hold greater residual value than others, as an example against other brands Pulsar seem to have very strong residual value, whilst others can plummet in value even over a short duration.

How much can I expect to get ?

Due to product wear, secondhand use and reduced warranty as well as constant improvements in technology and reduced pricing for this performance. All these factors affect pricing of a secondhand product, so on average we base part exchange valuation on 50% of the items current market retail value against another item as part exchange.

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