Airgun & Equipment

Hawke Green Ripstop Cap

£14.99 £12.49 ex.vat

Bisley Magnum .22 Pellets

£6.99 £5.83 ex.vat

Sabre Tactical Bag Rider

£59.99 £49.99 ex.vat

Illumination & Torches

Lightforce Suction Bar and 225mm T Bar

£199.99 £166.66 ex.vat

Lightforce Striker 170 Remote Vehicle Lamp

£99.99 £83.33 ex.vat

Lightforce Blitz 240 Lamp

£119.99 £99.99 ex.vat

Lightforce Blitz 240 Remote Vehicle Lamp

£138.95 £115.79 ex.vat

Lightforce Striker 170 Lamp

£102.99 £85.83 ex.vat

Shooting Equipment

Patchworm 7.8″ Cleaning Patches

£14.99 £12.49 ex.vat

Isotunes Sport Advance

£139.95 £116.63 ex.vat

Tactacam Clamp Mount

£39.95 £33.29 ex.vat

Bog Deathgrip Ultralite

£124.95 £104.13 ex.vat

Tactacam Under Scope Mount

£34.95 £29.13 ex.vat

Fieldsports Equipment

We supply a range of fieldsports equipment for the avid hunter and outdoor enthusiast.  Some of the projectiles we offer come from well known brands such as H&N Sport, JSB Diabolo and Zan Slugs, providing excellent performance and long range accuracy.

Our range of illumination is provided by the likes of top Australian brand Lightforce and we also supply a large choice of IR illumination options for night vision devices.

We supply many different airgun accessories these include Sabre Tactical, FX spares and a range of cleaning products from the likes of Patchworm.