Pard DS35 50RF AND 70RF LRF Gen 1 Firmware

Pard DS35 50 and 70 RF LRF Firmware Updates

Pard DS35 50 and DS35 70 RF LRF GEN1 Firmware

For all users of the Pard DS35 50 and DS35 70RF Gen 1 LRF modes a firmware update is now available to provide a reduction in IR power output and a BC accuracy improvement at closer ranges.

Available to download from the below link. Please unzip the file to provide you with the required bin file.

February 2023 Firmware

Installation Instructions

  • Download the file bin and unzip using appropriate decompression software from the above link.
  • Use a compatible microsd card not exceeding 32gb.
  • Place the card into the DS35 and format it within the DS35 unit selecting format external from the menu options.
  • Copy the file onto the card – there should be no other files or folders on the card
  • Insert card into the Pard and turn on the DS35, the green LED indicator should flash for a few seconds while the file is loaded into the DS35, wait until this stops and after a few seconds the PARD introduction will appear.
  • Turn off the DS35 fully and remove the card.
  • Format the card as before to remove the firmware fully before using the unit. to prevent loss of data settings.

Whilst carrying out this update we hold no responsibility for any issues that may occur during this process or in regard to firmware bugs/anomalies, carry it out at your own risk. If your scope works, do not be compelled to use this firmware for no reason.



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