SOLD OUT Pard NV007A OLED Night Vision Add On 12mm

Pard NV007A - 12mm OLED Night Vision Add On

The Pard NV007 12mm OLED Night Vision Unit- sets a new benchmark amongst other rear NV add on's, with 1080P colour for daytime use and 1080P night time viewing, mp4 video recording and fast change battery power and compact powerful illuminator, gives amazing value and performance for money. Rapid attachment to your dayscope to record your daytime vermin or stalking shots, then switch to night mode for vermin and fox control with HD image quality.

This is a 12mm lens model and gives less reticule magnification and a very slightly wider field of view than the standard 16mm model, the magnification of the scope rear optic is reduced.

This is preferred by some for airgun and rimfire use at closer ranges or a smaller more natural reticule is required.

The NV007 night vision rifle scope unit features:

  • 1080P Full colour for daytime use
  • 1080P Night vision mode for night use
  • Built in recording to Micro SD card, records in MP4 format which is compatible with OSX and Windows systems, video can be also played back through viewfinder to analyse shots.
  • Built in 150yd-200yd illuminator with zoom function from spot to flood and three IR power modes
  • Built in laser, useful for using as a marker for rangefinding
  • Metal scope mount - Allows 1/2 a turn fitting of the unit, locks in place solid and fits in seconds, multiple mounts can be bought to swap between other rifle scopes
  • Recoil rated upto .308 calibre
  • Runs off a single 18650 battery so you can carry spares and replace in the field very easily
  • Digital zoom function, increases image size, allowing you to keep the scope optics at a lower magnification to allow more light in if required whilst keeping your target bigger than native mag.
  • Focusable Dioptre
  • Built in Wifi system,  allows viewing of the device via phone or tablet also allows remote recording, and viewing of all video files stored on micro SD card.
  • Standby mode from press of power button turns eye display off, prevents spooking of quarry from screen glare if carrying a night
  • Adjustable brightness and exposure control to allow greater colour and detail during very low light conditions
  • 12mm Lens, focusable ensures crisp reticule. The 12mm lens gives less magnification of the reticule and less overall image magnification compared to the 16mm lens model.

Package Includes:

  • Standard 45mm ID long scope ring mount for rifle scope
  • 18650 rechargeable battery cell
  • Replacement O-rings & Allen Keys
  • x1 Custom Shims to suit various scopes for 45mm mount
  • Carry Pouch
  • 1 year warranty
  • Download the instruction manual HERE.

*A parallax adjustable rifle scope is required to combine with this add on unit, it will not work with non-parallax scope models.

Some of the models tested that perform well at night:

  • Hawke Airmax
  • Hawke Sidewinder
  • Hawke Frontier
  • MTC Viper/Mamba and other models
  • Sightron Range
  • Bushnell Range
  • Nikko Stirling Range

The unit features its own optical magnification, so a scope for example on 4x magnification would be around 6x magnification, we suggest not using your scope above 10x magnification at night without combining with a Solaris SRX as IR light gathering is greatly reduced to allow the unit to operate , 4x-8x are optimum for this unit, which relates to around 6x-11x mag. Higher magnification at range can be utilised if combined with a Solaris SRX Laser torch, image quality is also greatly improved at distances out to 350yds+

Scope Mount Rings Information:

  • 45mm long mount, is supplied with the unit as standard and fits most rifle scope eyebells upto 45mm diameter.
  • 45mm short mount is designed for scopes with an IR module or other obstruction preventing the standard mount fitting, suits rifle scope eyebells upto 45mm diameter.
  • 48mm long mount is designed for rifle scope eye bells larger than 45mm diameter or other obstructions. As an example the MTC Viper scope has a knurled zoom ring larger than 45mm diameter, the standard 45mm mount would not fit this.




We have found the best results from this unit have been from lower end riflescopes, a parallax adjustable scope is a mandatory to fit the unit to, scopes we have tested that work well include the MTC range, Hawke Sidewinder, Hawke Airmax, Bushnell Legend, Sightron range and a range of other sub £1000 scopes the higher grade Swarovski, Zeiss,Nightforce, etc work but due to more coatings blocking IR light require much more IR to be thrown from your IR source to get good performance.

Although the unit works upto whatever magnification range your scope can go to, the optimum performance is under 11x magnification to allow sufficient IR gathering through the scopes optics, the digital zoom can also be utilised to increase target size and works remarkably well.

The built in IR torch is more than enough for airgun, .22 rimfire, .17 HMR and .22 Hornet ranges and works out to 180yds very well scope/magnification dependant, it has a focus to adjust to a tight spot for more throw and allows the unit to be kept compact, with no bulky additional torches to be added.

Any AS based IR external torch can also be used to boost the range out to around 300yds, 50mm to 67mm torches are recommend,

If using the unit on a centre fire, a stand alone laser torch is recommended, along the lines of a Starlight Dragonfly, this allows the unit to see out to 400-500 yds easily with your day scope at 10x magnification.

All you day time and night footage can also be recorded in 1080P MP4 format, in the past video recording devices have recorded in AVI format which is a pain if your an Apple OSX user, this format it native and allows very simple editing form the start without further conversions, it also works with Windows devices.

Compared to E700 based units you will find the reflected eye shine from your IR source is really prominent and aids finding your target quicker.

The unit features a built in laser pointer that can be used if required for airguns at closer range, noting the position of your laser at a given zero range and using the offset from this to quickly guess range if its over or under your zero point.

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Pard NV007A - 12mm OLED Night Vision Add On



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