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Pard NV008S Firmware

Pard NV008S LRF Firmware Updates

This is the revised Pard NV008S and NV008S LRF firmware and brings the following benefits.

  • Improved day time performance
  • Improved night time performance
  • More visible reticules.
  • LRF function improvement.

First download the zip file and then uncompress it.

To install, ensure a microSD card is formatted and then transfer the uncompressed bin file to the microSD card ensuring it is named FWPLD08S.bin .

Make sure your battery is fully charged before proceeding. Then whilst the unit is powered OFF insert the micro-sd card into the Pard NV008S unit and turn ON, you will notice the top LED flash blue until the firmware is installed, once install is completed and unit rebooted, remove the card fully and format it to prevent accidental re-install.

Your firmware should now be updated.

If you are updating an LRF model you may find the pointer has defaulted to zero, to re-align this with the LRF splash. Do the following at night while the LRF splash is visible.

  • Activate the rangefinder - single press.
  • Activate the menu single press.
  • Hold the magnification button in until you see the X-Y co-ordinates.
  • Realign with laser splash.

Whilst carrying out this update we hold no responsibility for any issues that may occur during this process or in regard to firmware bugs/anomalies, carry it out at your own risk.

Pard NV008S and NV008S LRF Firmware Update May 2022

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22 thoughts on “Pard NV008S Firmware

  1. Avatar photo Raymond Morgan says:

    Has the Pard 008 lRF & the Pard 008s LRF program been updated please

  2. Avatar photo LEI WANG says:

    The 2022/8/20 firmware has a defect, the laser rangefinder cannot be activated, compared with the 2022/5/20 firmware, there is no improvement, it seems that it is not as good as the old one. I hope the PARD team will improve and release a new stable version of the firmware as soon as possible. By the way, I have rolled back the device to 2022/5/20, thank you moderator!

    1. Avatar photo LEI WANG says:

      I contacted PARD’s engineer in Shenzhen, China, and he told me the following method. If the laser ranging module fails to work after you install the 20220822 firmware, please follow the steps below to restore it to normal. I have verified that it works!
      The current firmware of my PARD NV008S-LRF is PARD_EN_20220822

      1. After completing the software installation, select version in the menu to enter the page
      2. After seeing the version number, double-click the menu button and set the rangefinder manual to auto
      Then the distance measurement can be displayed normally.

      1. Avatar photo Raymond Morgan says:

        How do you restore it to normal please ?

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